Phelps County Feeders Holdrege, Nebraska

"Quality Custom Cattle Feeding for the Performance Oriented Investor"

Phelps County Feeders

Located in the heart of the western corn belt, this expanding cattle-feeding operation has established tradition of quality service. Excellent location, dedicated employees and experienced management combine to create consistently superior performance.

General Manager Dale Klute took over the main PCF feedyard with co-owners Elmo and Tony Mayes in 1998 and oversaw expansion into the PCF West lot in 1999. He contributes two decades experience in commercial cattle feeding, including managing commercial feedyards in Colorado. Dale's expertise includes locating quality feeder cattle, marketing fat cattle and purchasing feed grains.

Feed and Nutrition Programs

Phelps County Feeders' nutrition program is carefully designed to provide the best possible gains and conversions at highly competitive prices. Experienced feedyard nutritionist Todd Milton works closely with the staff to create excellent ration plans based on the abundant high-quality, locally-grown feed, For our feeding clients, that results in reasonable ration cost and reliably low cost of gain. (Sample projections and closeouts available.

Flaker Mill

In 2000 PCF added a grain Flaking system to the West yard. The mill provides fresh flakes to both yards seven days a week. The benefit we see from feeding flaked corn is that cattle conversion rates improve thus lowering cost of gains. Besides improved cost of gains our flaked corn has a feed value of 110% when compared to rolled corn.

Animal Health

Attention to the health of the animals in their care is a big priority for both our consulting veterinarians, Dr. Tom Noffsinger and Dr. Wade Taylor, and all our employees, with pens checked daily and sick animals removed for medication and close supervision. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of our animal care, the receiving area and hospital at the PCF East yard were redesigned in 2003 to ease handling, decrease stress and greatly improve overall cattle comfort.

In-House Financing

Phelps County Feeders makes financing easy for our clients, tailoring programs to meet a variety of individual financial needs and goals. The feedyard can finance cattle, feed or both, and our equity requirements and interest rates are very competitive in the industry. We also offer a wide variety of percentage-based partnership plans for investors.

Electronic Cattle Management

In January of 2003 we installed a Micro Beef ECM system at the east yard. We use this system to ultra sound cattle in order to record individual back fat, hip height and weight. This information will enable us to project Days to Finish, out weighs, Average Daily Gain and cost of gain on an individual basis. With this information we hope to market cattle to their maximum potential and avoid discounts when sold on a grid. Along with this, we can take our data and send it back to ranchers to help them improve feed performance and carcass quality on an individual basis. Joe Klute heads up the ECM program. If you would like to enquire about this program give Joe a call at the east yard.

Fed Cattle Marketing

Fat-cattle buyers from the three major meatpacking companies evaluate our showlist weekly, and Phelps County Feeders' location means convenient shipping to their Nebraska slaughter facilities. Tyson's Lexington plant is located only 23 miles away, Swift's Grand Island facility is just 60 miles, and Excel at Schuyler is a 75-mile haul. And unlike feedyards in most of western Nebraska, as well as neighboring states, Phelps is located in an area where payweight is determined by using 3% shrink instead of 4%. This difference can mean a $6 to $8 per head advantage for clients whose cattle sell on a live basis.

Special Services

Marketing Incentives

To help our clients meet their marketing goals, our staff has researched a number of premium beef programs. Phelps County participates in a variety of branded and natural beef programs, giving cattle feeders an edge in seeking profitable markets for their cattle.

Producer's Programs

Taking a cooperative approach with many of the area farmers who supply our feed grains, we help them maximize the value of their crops by feeding cattle. We also design retained ownership programs for ranchers to benefit from the cattle they raise.

In-House Commodity Office

Phelps County Feeders houses a branch of Klute Investment Services Inc. Owner Dale Klute is a licensed , commodity broker. He and his wife Shawna offer risk management for farmers, ranchers and cattle feeders in addition to investment opportunities. KIS enables cattle feeders to use futures and/ or options to provide price protection and maximize potential profits.

Phelps County Feeders wishes you the best in your cattle feeding venture and would like to offer its services to you. Give us a call or better yet stop in and tour our facilities.

Mayes General Partnership dba
Phelps County Feeders

73938 J Road
Holdrege, NE 68949
Phone: 308-876-2133 | Fax: 308-876-2135

Directions to our Facilities

To reach Phelps County Feeders East

From Interstate 80: Take the Elm Creek/ Holdredge exit, proceed 9 miles south on Highway 183 to Road 740, drive west 4 miles, then south 1/2 mile to the feedyard.

To reach Phelps County Feeders West

From Interstate 80: Take Overton exit, proceed south to the dead-end, turn west to Road D, then turn south fro 5 miles to the feedyard.


Nebraska Star Beef

Thank your lucky stars.

At Nebraska Star Beef, we didn't achieve excellence by chance. We follow a one-of-a-kind process with our cattle that results in beef held to a higher standard. To us, every aspect of breeding, raising, feeding, and shipping is important. It is what ultimately makes the difference in the taste, tenderness, and quality of the overall product.

The Nebraska Star Beef™ Difference:

Family owned and operated, generations of consistency and integrity
Cattle are all natural from birth (antibiotic, hormone, and growth promotant free)
Extended days on feed resulting in superior marbling
All-vegetarian diet for cattle, made with ingredients grown in the Midwest
Compassionate and humane animal welfare is maintained
Pasture rotation and environmentally-responsible grazing methods are employed
One of the most high-tech cold-storage facilities in the U.S.
Beef is processed and shipped from USDA inspected facilities
Sourced and supplied beef for one of the nation's leading natural retailers for over 10 years

Our Guarantee

Nebraska Star Beef™ produces USDA Choice & Higher Natural Angus and Natural Wagyu (American Kobe style) beef; our family takes great pride in delivering a very consistent premium quality product. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please call us at 888-399-2183 or use this online form and will work with you to make sure you have a positive experience with Nebraska Star Beef™. We appreciate your business and take your satisfaction seriously.

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