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ZWT Buy Back Program/Marketing for our Bull Customers

1.) Buy Back Program

Conventional Buy Back Program

  • Purchase price will be determined by averaging the top 20% sold in the area sale barn in each category. (i.e. sex,wt.)
  • Spread between Heifer and Steer will also be based on the same local area sale barn.
  • A five (5) cent slide will be used on yearlings and a eight (8) cent slide on calves over the agreed sale weight.

Natural Program:

Definition of Natural: Cattle must not receive any growth romotants, antibiotics and growth hormones from birth.

  • All calves and yearlings directed towards the Natural Program must be weaned 90 days at the Ranch and on our vaccination and mineral program.
  • A $5.00 cwt. PREMIUM will be paid for natural yearlings and a $8.00 cwt. PREMIUM on natural weaned calves.

2.) Vaccination Program

Calves- 7 or 8 way clostridial w/blackleg
Bovishield Gold 5
Pasteurella Example: (one shot or one shot ultra)
Yearlings-follow the same as above at weaning time

3.) Mineral Program

Many areas have different types of mineral deficiencies. Make sure to use a good general balanced mineral program that covers any deficiencies that are in your area.

4.) Retained Ownership

50/50 partnership-MGP will partner with you on both calves and yearlings.
Cattle can be kept natural or be commercial for this program.
There will be risk management available.
Financing is available at 1% over prime and 25% the delivered cost of the cattle is required up front. Example: (If cattle cost $800.00/head, you would receive $600.00/head back and the $200.00 would be equity in the animal.) The balance of the cattle, feed and hedging can also be financed.

5.) Risk Management

If you want to retain ownership on your cattle, risk management will be available.
We can manage market fluctuations by using different hedging and option strategies.
We have over 20 years of experience in risk management.
For more information on risk management, you can contact Dale or Joe Klute Toll Free at (888) 399-2183. Dale Klute will be at the Sale to answer any questions on the Program. Any other questions on program, call Gale Merritt (865) 585-4170

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